Foster Application

Thank you for your interest in the BAHS Foster Program.  To apply, please fill out the application below as completely as you can.  The information you provide helps us determine the level of training you need and the types of foster pets that best match you.  Due to the requirements of the program, only those applicants within 40 minutes of Green Bay can be considered.  

Contact Information
Family Information
Please enter the full names and birth dates of the other adults in the household.
Keeping your pets' vaccinations current protects your pets and foster pets. Please provide the name and phone number of your veterinary clinic. If your pets' records are under someone other than you, please provide the name they are listed under.
Animal Experience and Availability
If yes to either question, please describe your fostering experience.
Briefly describe any relevant experience you have that would aid in fostering. It can be general animal experience, work experience, or even (human) nursing care. This helps us determine the level of training you will need to get started.
Please describe any limitations you have that could affect fostering (health issues, work schedule, frequent travel, allergies, etc.).
Please describe where your foster pet will be kept. Most TLC foster pets should be kept separate from your pets.
Foster Interests

There are a variety of foster opportunities available under each of the three foster programs.  Please select the types of foster pets you are interested in working with.  You will not be limited by your selections, and may be able to expand these preferences as you become comfortable with the program.  BAHS determines which shelter pets qualify for foster care.  potential foster pets are evaluated for health and behavior prior to placing them in foster homes.  Please be aware that some opportunities may be seasonal, uncommon, or require additional training (provided by BAHS).

Fostering pets that need help to become ready for adoption.
Fostering adoptable dogs that have a hard time showing their personality in a shelter setting. You will promote these dogs by taking them out into the public and via social media while in your care.
Fostering pets with terminal illness and/or advanced age, but have a good quality of life.

By clicking "I Agree and Submit Application" below, I am agreeing to abide by the rules and procedures of the Bay Area Humane Society’s Foster Care Program.  I agree to all stipulations listed in the Foster Care Program Overview, Guides, and Policies.  I understand that foster pets could be adopted out, transferred, or euthanized at the discretion of the Bay Area Humane Society.  I also understand there could be health risks to myself, my family, and my own animals and I accept these risks.  I hereby release BAHS and its employees, staff, agents and/or representatives from any claims or demands that I have, or may have, that: (a) may be connected with the foster pet, (b) may arise out of BAHS' care of this foster pet, and/or (c) may arise out of my care of the foster pet.

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