Foster Programs

Foster families are critical for shelter pets with special needs. Cats, dogs, and sometimes small animals come into BAHS and need a extra care in a temporary foster home to help them become healthy, happy, and ready for adoption.  BAHS determines which shelter pets qualify for foster care, and the health and behavior of all potential foster pets is evaluated prior to foster placement.  Foster parents must be 18 years or older.  If renting, you must have landlord approval.  Due to requirements of the program, foster parents must live within 40 minutes of BAHS, and be able to travel to BAHS for medical appointments weekdays 8am-4pm.  We have three foster programs available, and you may foster for more than one program.

TLC Foster Program

In the TLC Foster Program, foster families take in animals that need time, care, and/or treatment before they can be available for adoption.  BAHS provides the supplies, and the foster family provides the daily care.  Our biggest need is foster homes for under-aged kittens with and without moms. The health and behavior of all potential foster pets is evaluated prior to foster placement, and BAHS can provide most of the supplies (food, medications, dishes, toys, litter, etc.). 

Almost Home! Foster Program- Canine Companions

The Almost Home! Canine Companions program places adoptable dogs that present poorly due to the stresses of the shelter environment with foster families who will care for and promote these foster dogs until they are adopted.  The foster families will take the foster dog out in the community, and share his/her story on social media.  Once a potential adopter is approved by BAHS, the dog goes from the foster home to the adoptive home without having to go back into a kennel in the shelter.

Rainbow Path Hospice Program

In the Hospice program, foster families take in shelter pets with terminal illness or advanced age (but with a good quality of life) into their homes where the pets can spend the remainder of their lives in comfort, surrounded by caring and loving people.  BAHS provides the food, supplies, and veterinary needs, and the hospice caretaker provides the daily care and affection.  When the pet's time comes to an end, BAHS and the hospice family ensure the pet passes on knowing only love. Please read the hospice FAQ's for more information. 

How do you get started?

Your first step is to comple the Foster Program Application form below.  In the applications you can tell us what types of shelter pets you are interested in fostering.  You may foster for more than one program, and you can change your preferences over time based on your comfort.  We have shelter pets that only need foster care for 2 weeks, and some for 3 months, so we match you up with a foster pet that meets your availability.  

Your application may take up to 5 business days for processing. After the application has been approved, you will be scheduled for a brief orientation and tour, and then we will set you up with your first foster pet! 

For more detailed information on the Foster Program works, please read the Foster Program Overview below.  It takes you step by step through the foster process, explains what BAHS provides, and what you will need to provide.  

You can contact Tania Huycke-Phillips, the Foster Coordinator, at (920) 469-3110 ext. 104 or email to submit your application or to ask questions about the program.

Whether you foster one or two at a time or a whole litter, you are making a difference to pet who will someday become someone's furry family member!

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