Family Volunteer Program

Children ages 10-17 are invited to join our family program if a parent or legal guardian accompanies them when they volunteer. Families with children under 10-11 years of age may volunteer as Shelter Support but cannot interact with the animals. Families with children between 12-17 years of age may volunteer as canine companions, feline friends, or small animal ambassadors. Family program participants must follow the PAWS rules below. More information about PAWS guidelines will be provided during training.

A parent or guardian must complete the volunteer application and will be required to complete all training along with the child. Family members who do not attend training will not be permitted to volunteer.

  • P arents and kids stick together at all times
  • A dults hold leashes
  • W agging tails can mean many things
  • S helter pets are different than pets at home 

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