Adoption Applications

Filling out a profile (application) online for an animal will save you a lot of time with the adoption process. However, once you are approved, it does NOT guarantee you that particular animal. Adoptions can only take place AFTER you physically meet an animal and are also 'approved' to adopt. Adoptions are done on a first come, first served basis here at the shelter, again after meeting the animal. It does not matter when you filled out the paperwork, whoever is first in line with an animal that they feel is a good fit, will have the chance to adopt first. (If they have not filled out an application, they will have to do that right then and there to be approved. If an application has already been filled out online, submitted, and approved, the complete process will go must faster.) 

Complete the profile online

Download the application to submit at a later time

You can submit the completed form to the Bay Area Humane Society in person, by fax (920)469-3114 or email (NOTE: We must see a government issued driver's license or state ID from all adult members of the household to be able to process the application.)  

Please see the 'Adoption Procedures' to learn more about the next steps in the adoption process. 

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