Adoption Fees


  • Puppies up to 6 months are $300
  • Dogs over 6 months and under 25lbs are $225
  • Dogs over 6 months and over 25 lbs are $200
  • Any dog over 7 years of age is 50% off

What's all included in our dog adoption fees? 


  • All cats under 6 months are $125
  • Cats 6 months - 1 year are $75
  • Cats 1 year - 6 years are $25
  • All cats over 6 years are available for a donation of your choosing 

What's all included in our cat adoption fees? (Please note that all cats are adopt one, get one free.)

Small Animals

  • Chinchilla/Hedgehog are $35
  • Rabbits are $20
  • Birds are $15
  • Guinea Pigs and Degu are $10
  • Hamsters, Gerbils, and Rats are $6
  • Mice are $1

What's all included in our small animal adoption fees? 

Senior Citizen Discount

Pets for the Elderly Foundation Discount. The Pets for the Elderly Foundation donates $50 towards adoption fees for senior citizens (age 60 and over) who adopt a companion dog or cat from a participating shelter. The Bay Area Humane Society does all the paperwork for you! (Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or percentage off. You may use one or the other, whichever is the larger discount.)

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