Bird Application

Please read the following before filling out this application. The entire process will take about 20-25 minutes, so please be prepared ahead of time. Thank you.           
Filling out a profile (application) online for an animal will save you a lot of time with the adoption process. However, once you are approved, it does NOT guarantee you that particular animal. Adoptions can only take place AFTER you physically meet an animal and are also 'approved' to adopt. Adoptions are done on a first come, first served basis here at the shelter, again after meeting the animal. It does not matter when you filled out the paperwork, whoever is first in line with an animal that they feel is a good fit, will have the chance to adopt first. (If they have not filled out an application, they will have to do that right then and there to be approved. If an application has already been filled out online, submitted, and approved, the complete process will go must faster.) 


Bird Adoption Application Profile

This profile must be completed by the individual over the age of 18 who will be responsible for the care of the pet. The information you provide will help us find the best match for you and your family. Thank you for filling out this profile, choosing a shelter animal, and saving a life. 

Animal Name and/or ID Number of who you are interested in adopting

Personal Information

Do you own or rent your home?
If renting, we will need your landlord's name & phone #
Do you live with your parents?
Are you Military?
How many people live in your household?
Ages of children in the home
We will need the Name, Driver's License # and Date of Birth of all other adults (anyone 18 & over) living in the household as well.
Why are you adopting this pet?

You and Your Household
Bird Experience
Time away from home
Are there any of these in the home
Home atmosphere

Pet Care
Who is your current (or past) Veterinarian or Clinic
May we call them?
To provide food & medical care for your pet, how much do you anticipate spending yearly?
Will your animal be caged?
If yes, what size cage. If no, then where will it live?
How much time each day will the animal be uncaged?

Current Pets (If no current pets, please skip to the next section- Profile Questions)

Pet #1:

Where is this animal kept?

Pet #2:

Where is this animal kept

Pet #3:

Where is this animal kept?
Please list any additional animals in the household here

Profile Questions
Have you ever had to find a new home for one of your pets, or surrender a pet to a shelter or animal control?
What publications/websites have you read in preparation for your new bird?
Why are you interested in adopting a bird?
What characteristics are you looking for in a bird?
How will you provide daily exercise and entertainment for your bird?
Are you aware that birds may develop bad habits (destruction of furniture and clothing, biting, screaming, dislike of certain people, leaving droppings everywhere) and that these habits can be difficult to break?
If the bird develops a bad habit, what would you do?
Do you know an avian veterinarian?
If no, would you like us to recommend one?
What will you do with your bird when you go on vacation?
If you have to move, what would you do with your birds?
Do you understand that the Wisconsin Humane Society does not guarantee the health of it's animals and that additional medical care, at your expense, may be necessary?
How would you prefer to be contacted?

I have seriously considered all aspects of owning a pet and I am aware of the time and money involved. I am prepared to make a commitment to the pet being adopted for it's lifetime. WHS has the right and responsibility to assist in helping me select a pet that is well suited to me and my lifestyle. I understand that completing this profile is not a guarantee that I will be allowed to adopt a pet. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this adoption form. Please sign and date, then hit the submit button. 


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