If you are looking to reclaim a lost pet, please contact our Intake Department at (920)469-3111 or intake@bayareahumanesociety.com. 

Reclaim fees (all fees below are taxed)

Intake fees are required to cover the processing of animals admitted to our shelter, including vaccinations, microchip insertion, and/or medications. (Boarding fees begin the day after the animal is admitted and continue until the animal is claimed. Fees below can vary depending on the animal’s length-of-stay and condition upon intake.)

Required to reclaim your pet: Proof of Rabies Vaccination

In compliance with the Wisconsin Rabies Control Statutes, pet owners must provide proof that their pet has a current rabies vaccine at the time of reclaim.  Proof can be in the form a rabies certificate, a copy of the veterinary clinic’s patient file listing the vaccine’s due date, or, if the veterinary office is open, a shelter staff member may call the veterinary office to receive a verbal verification of a current rabies vaccination on file.  A rabies tag is not accepted as proof of a current rabies vaccination as the tag alone does not identify the specific animal it is assigned to nor the date the rabies vaccination is due. 

If you do not have proof or are not current – there will be a $20.00 charge (+ tax) for a one-year rabies/voucher, or with proof of previous one-year rabies, you can pay $25.00 (+ tax) for a three-year rabies/voucher.


  •  Impoundment Fee - $20.00
  •  Daily Boarding Fee - $5.00


  • Impoundment Fee - Spayed/Neutered: $45.00
  • Impoundment Fee - Intact: $90.00
  • Daily Boarding Fee - $20.00

Small Animals

  • Flat fee, regardless of length of stay: $25.00

Repeat Offender Fee

  • Second Offense - $25.00
  • Third Offense - $50.00
  • Fourth Offense - $75.00

Bite Quarantine

  • 10-day quarantine with 3 veterinarian exams: $295.00

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