Lost and Found Pets

If You Lose a Pet

It is a terrible feeling to find out that your beloved companion animal is missing. The best action is to be proactive with your search. Here are some tips and ideas to help.

Contact our Intake Department

You can file a lost animal report by calling our Intake Department at (920)469-3111 or emailing intakegb@wihumane.org. This way we can alert you if an animal matching that description comes into the shelter. Our Intake Department is open Monday - Friday 12:00 - 6:00 pm and Saturdays 12:00 - 4:00 pm. We hold stray pets for 7 days (even though the state mandate is only 4 days). If no owner comes forward after the stray hold is complete, the pet is evaluated for health and behavior prior to being placed up for adoption.

If your pet was lost in the Village of Hobart or Town of Lawrence, please contact Packerland Veterinary Clinic (920-498-2808) as pets found in these areas will go there. You can also view their Lost Pets listing at http://www.packerlandvet.com/lostPetDatabase/.

To find out what animals we have at our shelter that have been brought in as strays, please check our Lost & Found Listing. If you notice an animal that may be your missing pet, please call the Intake Dept.

Search your house thoroughly from top to bottom.
Check all closets, cupboards and anywhere else where your animal may have gotten trapped. Retrace your steps and look in any place that he or she may have followed you or other members of the family. Animals can get into some pretty tight places- don't leave any space unturned! Go in, under and behind washing machines, closets, furniture, beds, crawl spaces, cabinets...you get the idea! Take a flashlight for dark spots. 

Move outside to garages, sheds, barns, trees, vehicles, porches or any other good hiding places for a frightened animal with your flashlight for dark spots. Don't assume he is not there just because he is not responding to your voice. Most animals in unfamiliar territory will try to make themselves invisible and may not respond to you calling his name.

Walk around the neighborhood.
Before you leave the house, grab a leash or a carrier to contain your animal and a flashlight. He might be too afraid to come to you or he might try to run away again. Take your cell phone and another person, especially if it’s dark in case you need help. Talk to neighbors-let them know that your companion is missing. Make some noise. Shake a bag of their favorite treats while calling their name, squeak their favorite toy, or any other familiar noises that they will know. Dogs are often good at locating a lost animal. If you can take a dog with you, it might be helpful.

Share your info with Lost Dogs of Wisconsin
Lost Dogs of Wisconsin offers free resources to people who have lost their dog, and they help make reunions possible often through their great social media reach, especially on Facebook. 

Place strong-scented articles outside of your home to attract your pet.
Items such as a cat's litter box, bedding or favorite toy are great, as is smelly food such as tuna, chicken, hot dogs (or lettuce and carrots for herbivores) or other delicious treats.

Post flyers.
Post signs with a photo of the animal and phone number, as many as possible within a two-mile radius. Make sure you have your cell phone charged up at all times or your phone has a working answering machine to take messages when you are away.  Consider withholding at least one important piece of information so that you can verify that the animal is really yours if and when you receive calls. 

Post publicly on social media.
Post to Facebook, Craigslist and other such forums. When it is time to meet someone to be reunited with your animal, never go alone and suggest a place where a lot of people congregate or a police department. Post in the local print paper, as well. 

If your fears are realized. 
Sad as it may be, lost animals sometimes get hit by cars. To find out if your animal was picked up in Milwaukee by the Dept. of Neighborhood Services, call 414-286-8282. For services outside Milwaukee, contact your local city hall. 

Don't give up hope!
Keep looking! The best chance you have of finding your lost animal is to continue your search in your neighborhood, online and at animal control. 

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