Cremation Services

Pet loss, whether anticipated or sudden, is a tragic event. Pet Owners facing the loss of their pet are often overwhelmed, finding themselves unprepared to handle the proper disposition of their beloved companion. If you are a pet owner who has recently experienced the passing of a pet and you are considering cremation, let us help you. 

Cremation Services

Communal Cremation Fee

No ashes can be returned to the client.

Dog - $45.00
Cat - $35.00
Rabbit - $35.00
Small Animal - $10.00
Exotic/Large Birds - $45.00

Private Cremation Fee

For families who wish to keep the remains of their pet. 

Dog - $150.00 - $175.00 (Cremation fees for dogs 50# and under is $150. Cremation fees for dogs over 50# is $175.)
Cat - $150.00
Rabbit - $150.00
Small Animal - $150.00
Exotic/Large Birds - $150.00

Pet Loss Support

There are many resources available to help pet owners cope with pet loss concerns including euthanasia, death, children dealing with grief, and when/if you're ready for another pet.

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