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Our Values

Love for animals.  We love animals.  They’re our central focus, every day, and we resolve every tough decision by asking what’s best for them.

Compassion, respect, and kindness.  We are compassionate, respectful, and kind, in every interaction with every person and every animal.  In a world where rancor is often seen in public discourse and in the animal welfare community, our commitment to compassion, respect, and kindness sets us apart.  

Passion.  We are passionately dedicated to our work and to the animals in our care.  We work hard at difficult tasks and sometimes have to remind each other to pause and pace ourselves.  We are deeply proud of and loyal to our organization and its history of saving lives.

Positive approach.  We are authentically, sincerely, positive.  We love this work and are inspired every day by the difference we are able to make and the people and animals we meet.  We know there is still sadness and tragedy for many animals, but we believe we are most able to change those conditions when we find ways to feel authentically optimistic.  

Teamwork.  To put it mildly, we think extremely highly of each other.  We love the fact that we come to better solutions together than any of us would on our own.  Each of us is humbled by the dedication of our coworkers and we’ll do whatever it takes to support each other and to make each other’s work easier and more fun. 

Innovation.  We are trailblazing, progressive, innovative, ever-improving, forward-thinking people, proud to be a role model for the best in animal welfare work.  We’re willing to try new things and rethink old ways.  We are each committed to learning and growing every day of our professional lives,.

Professionalism.  We are animal welfare professionals, and our standards are really, really high.  We believe in strong processes and a focused, strategic, flexible approach to challenges.  We know that our mission is real only when we can effectively make it happen.

Integrity.  We present ourselves as we are.  We know that the only way to change anything is to first describe clearly and kindly what is true today.  What we say is true; the image we present is accurate; and whenever we can, we choose communication and transparency.

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